We are working with governments
to bring business, farmers, conservationists and other stakeholders together for action that supports sustainable commodity production and good growth.



We are working to incentivize sustainable finance, making it less risky and more accessible for responsible businesses, farmers and producers.



We are helping to raise awareness, improve transparency and strengthen demand for sustainably produced beef, palm oil and soy.


Our Mission

The Good Growth Partnership works across numerous initiatives and with hundreds of actors in government, farming, conservation, finance and business to put sustainability at the heart of global commodity supply chains.

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Seeds Planted and Continuing to Grow

We urgently need systemic change in commodity supply chains if we are to mitigate the combined threats of catastrophic climate change, biodiversity loss and food insecurity. Now, a new report on the Good Growth Partnership Integrated Approach reveals that the four and a half-year programme has had real impact in laying the foundations for systemic change in palm oil, beef and soy supply chains, in partnership with four major producer countries: Indonesia, Brazil, Paraguay and Liberia.

  • Mr. Alcibiades, producer from Puerto Casado Ⓒ PUND Paraguay

Partnerships to Promote Sustainable Livestock Production in the Chaco Region

The Vice Ministry of Livestock (VMG), the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), the Government of Alto Paraguay and the Green Chaco project joined forces to train, provide technical assistance and support producers in the area with supplies and equipment and build a joint work plan aimed at sustainable livestock production and adaptation to climate change. The technical teams of the organizations involved that arrived in the territory were able to learn about the reality of the producers to identify their specific needs and, based on them, build a joint work plan aimed at sustainable livestock production and adaptation to climate change.

The Good Growth Partnership joins the Food Systems, Land Use and Restoration (FOLUR) Impact Program

FOLUR is a $345 million initiative supported by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) that seeks to transform the global food system by promoting sustainable, integrated landscapes and efficient commodity value chains. The World Bank (WB), leader of FOLUR Impact Program Global Platform, has appointed the Good Growth Partnership to bring its assets, experience and network to support the work of the new Platform.

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