Gender and sustainable production (to come)

10 thematic booklets on gender and sustainable production in Matopiba bringing the perspectives of female experts from the government to introduce key topics in production’s agenda, such as rural environmental [...]

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Soy sustainability radar platform (to come)

The Soy Sustainability Radar is a tool developed by Conservation International in partnership with Agrosatélite. The information available in the Platform includes data, figures and maps related to priority areas [...]

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EcoSystem is a land-use change monitoring tool which shows information on the location of palm oil, coffee, cocoa, rubber and rice plantations in Indonesia as well as data layers of [...]

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Targeted scenario analysis

The Targeted Scenario Analysis (TSA) is an innovative approach providing focused direction towards specific sustainable development policy and investment choices for public or private sector actors. It presents the value [...]

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Value beyond value chains guidance note v 1.0

While some companies have managed to significantly improve the sustainability performance of their own supply chains, generating a positive impact on sustainable production practices on the ground, a two-tier system [...]

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Farmers support system toolkit and scorecard

The document, which also includes a practical Diagnosis Scorecard, provides guidance to sustainable commodity production practitioners from government, civil society and private sector on how to collaboratively assess and strengthen [...]

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