Five Impact Briefs Share the Contribution of the Good Growth Partnership to Sustainable Agricultural Commodities Supply Chains in the Last 5 Years

Farmer,  Chaco  ©UNDP, Paraguay

Since 2017, the Good Growth Partnership has simultaneously worked on production, demand and finance to advance sustainable development in three commodity supply chains – soy, beef and palm oil – in 4 countries: Brazil, Paraguay, Indonesia and Liberia. Now after almost half a decade of piloting the Integrated Approach to reduce deforestation caused by these commodities, the Global Environment Facility funded Good Growth Partnership is keen to share some of its impacts and how it went about achieving them.

The following set of four impact briefs focus on the experience and results of the the Good Growth Partnership´s production work in Indonesia, Liberia and Paraguay in:

A fifth brief on the Integrated Approach using System Mapping presents the overall approach taken by the Good Growth Partnership to work on reducing deforestation from global supply chains, and the Impact Brief Overview presents the overall and country level results and impacts achieved.